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Cooking School USA – Realize Your Cooking Dream Here!

October 9th, 2010

Cooking school in USA gives a strong platform for people who loves food in this world and allows them to increase their cooking ability. These schools are set up to improve the capacity of cooking lying with every one. They teach the beginners the basic rules of cooking that is essential when they become professionals. These schools create a good atmosphere and students also enjoy the cooking experience. There are interactive sessions and the instructors clear every doubt.

Cooking School USA has many branches and Sclafani’s Cooking School is famous among them. They have more than fifteen thousand experienced cooks. All the students are well placed in many famous and huge hotels and restaurants in USA with attractive pay. Each training will be practical in approach so it helps to have new ideas for students when they work in true environment. The newt well known school is the Frank’s Test School in San Francisco. Here the students are provided with th » Read more: Cooking School USA – Realize Your Cooking Dream Here!

Community development program for underprivileged childrens

October 9th, 2010

An important element of community development is education of the girl child. As per the  UN, only 2 out of 5 Indian women can read and over 40% of Indian girls under 14 years do not go to school[r1] .. Thus, community development becomes a core focus area for NGOs, looking at educating its people, more importantly, the women in the rural pockets of the country.

While various initiatives have been undertaken for the empowerment of women, education is at the crux of rural community development in the country.  Indian NGOs like, Bharti Foundation, understand this reality and have designed rural, innovative education initiatives like the Satya Bharti School Program promoting academic as well as holistic development of  girls whilst incorporating community development as a part of its school curriculum. The program provides out-of-class learning opportunities to address societal issues & ful » Read more: Community development program for underprivileged childrens

Start Your Golf Career – Consider Arizona Golf Schools

October 8th, 2010

When we talk of Arizona, the thing that comes to mind is the gorgeous Grand Canyon. But there are many more things to see and do. Arizona is a huge state with varied landscapes that can surely entice the outdoor sports lover. And because of its beautiful environment, golf courses are built everywhere. It is no wonder that Arizona golf schools are some of the best in the country and people flock there to start their golf careers, whether they dream of becoming professional golf players or working in the golf hospitality industry.

Arizona golf schools offer world class accommodations. Once can choose from city hotels and resorts with spectacular golf courses. Phoenix offers a golf learning experience for those who want to enjoy fast paced metropolitan lifestyle. Prescott and Sedona offer breathtaking views of mountains and huge boulders while playing on vast golf courses.

Many Americans from other states as well as foreigners go to Arizona golf » Read more: Start Your Golf Career – Consider Arizona Golf Schools