Honest and Complete Review of WritingElites

WritingElites services

Writingelites.net is an essay writing service that can provide high-quality papers that have no plagiarized content. At least, this is what they say. While that should be the aim of all writing services, having such a statement on a company’s website is something that made us curious.

And that is why we decided to check whether that statement is true or false. We made a WritingElites review and we urge every student or possible customer to read it.

About Writingelites.net

This writing company focuses on academic services. It serves all types of students, from high-school to doctoral level. Students can order cover letters, dissertations, theses, essays, statements, lab reports, book reviews, coursework help, homework completion, admissions essays and other academic products.

Writing Elites’ website advertises accessible prices, which makes them highly competitive in this line of business. The site may look cluttered with text-based content. However, unlike other writing sites, it does offer a short description of each writing service that this company provides.

Checking the Testimonials

We found a lot of customer reviews praising Writing Elites. This is not surprising, especially if you are reading the reviews on their website. We did, however, checked other sites and there we found a lot of negative customer feedback.

It looks like most of the clients were displeased with what they got. Some even stated that the paper they got was full of plagiarized content. Now that is ironic seeing what Writing Elites stated in the beginning.

The Ordering Process

We had to order from this service even if we knew what to expect. We asked for a college-level essay. We asked for a ten-page paper with a deadline of fourteen days. The paper arrived on time. However, there were lots of mistakes regarding the spelling, the grammar, and even the structure.

We wanted to see if the paper we received was plagiarized and we managed to find the site from which the writer copied a big chunk of information. That information was present in our paper, word by word. This is not the type of paper you would want to present at the university.

The Prices

The costs are higher than advertised. Again, the writing company lied. As for the discounts, we didn’t manage to get coupon codes or a promo code. We did get fifteen percent off because we were new on the site, but other than that, nothing.

The Verdict

WritingElites get the lowest rating that we can give. It has no experience in the writing industry. It lies about its prices and its products not containing plagiarized content. Avoid this writing service at all costs. There is no telling what consequences you may face if you use their services.

We are not sure whether WritingElites.net is a fraud or scam, but we are confident that it should be avoided like the plague. With poor quality papers, you won't be expelled, but with these guys, we cannot be sure.

WritingElites review